Makes Pixel art fun



Pixel art drawing and Animation

Pixelyz is a unique tool dedicated to retro aesthetic pixel art and animation.

With Pixelyz do more in less time!

Combine vector graphics with digital painting to create stunning characters and background. It was made for gamedev community.

Supercharge your pixel art with PIXELYZ


With our layer management and the intuitive vector and animation tools, create beautiful animation for a fraction of time. 


PIXELYZ Features

Pixelyz is a complete toolset but with only two quick menu you can access the needed functions. 

Vector for pixel Art 

Using vector as drawing tool makes creating your game character a breeze. 


Because it's simple

Pixelyz is easy to learn. You only need four key to do most of your work. 

We use the pie menu to speed up the access to function. 

the quick action menu, where you'll spend most of your time, is contextual, so it only shows the tool available when you need them. 

Never break the creative flow

With a lean interface, a shallow learning curve, Pixelyz will enable you to focus on your art and free your creativity.

No complex UI or a lots of menu to learn.

With Pixelyz, everything is at reach, from start to end.


Build for Game and Animation

Create your characters and scenery as easily as if it was a game. Animate them in a glimpse of an eye.

Import your animation in your favorite game engine, and it's done!

Capture d'écran 2021-12-14 20.03.25.png

​It is production oriented and can be use to create cinematic and animated movie. 

Render as an image sequence and import in your favorite NLE ( premiere, final cut) for editing

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Export  directly as gif for Social media. 

You can render your image into the .GIf format and use it on your website or blog directly or post onto a social media plateform

Piixelyz allow you to downscale and compress using quantization or the windows gif encoder. 

Pick the level of fidelity that suits your needs

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