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Drawing in Pixelyz

In Pixelyz you can paint like in any traditional painting software. You need a paint layer in your document to use the painting toolset Pixelyz provides.

Paint layer can be animated just like
vector layer. You just need to convert paint layer into an animation layer. 


Brush Panel

When selecting a painting layer the Brush panel is active. 
It is comprised of five buttons all for controlling your brush and drawing. 

Screenshot 2021-08-22 at 19.38.45.png

The color button opens up the color wheel for picking the brush painting color.

The next three buttons (the circle, the triangle and the square) are brush shapes you can pick to do your painting.

Click on the shape to change the brush shape accordingly.

The last button opens up the brush size and stroke spacing slider. 

Contextual menu

Hold A on your keyboard, pick a direction and release to pick one of the four actions.



Select eraser tool


Select eraser tool


Create animation for current layer


Deselect current layer

How can you use the painting tools in Pixelyz ?

In Pixelyz you can choose whether you use a classic pixel art painting or a vector graphic. 
The painting layers can also be used to complement the vector drawing or to add quick details.
Vectors or regular digital painting, both are interchangeable and can be used to match any drawing style.


This painting combines vector based graphics and traditional rasterised painting.

Capture d'écran 2021-08-06 11.48.36.png