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In Pixelyz, a document consists of a stack of layers and one or multiple animations.

Each layer controls its own set of properties like opacity and pixel size.

The particularity of Pixelyz is the ability of each layer to pick its level of resolution, its pixel size. You can have a document in 512x512 but a layer with a pixel size of 4 which renders at the equivalent of 128x128 pixels.

Pixelyz allows you to pick the level of fidelity of your layer.

Create, Save and Open 
In Pixelyz, to create a document you can hold A to open the pie menu.

You have two options, new document and open document. Pick the first one to create a new layer, the second one to open an existing document.

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The other method is by using the menu bar by pressing spacebar to open the menu bar. 


The first three buttons on the menu bar manage the document in Pixelyz. ​


Create a new document and a new viewport.


Open a dialog box to save the current document on your hard drive.


Open a dialog box then load the selected .pz file from your hardrive.

Layer Size

You can change the layer size in the Layer properties panel. The width and height define the size of the selected layer. 

You can also change the pixel apparence using the pixel slider. 

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