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In Pixelyz, a document can be split in many layers. Some will have animations, some won't. But all layers will be in the layer panel.

Layer Panel

The layer panel manages all layers in the document. 

The layer panel organises the order in which layers are displayed. 

You can drag layers to change the order. You can also drag them outside of the panel to delete them. 

You can hold control while dragging the layer button, you will duplicate this layer at a new position. 


Edit document's name


Toggle visiblity with the button 


Lock paint and editing on this layer


Lock transform and edit of selected layer


Lock transform of selected layer

Layer Properties

The layer properties can be opened by double clicking on a layer in the panel.

In the layer properties you can change the layer size with the height and width box.

You can change the pixel size with the slider to change the pixelization of this layer.

The properties are based on the type of layer you select. 

In this example, this is a vector layer.

You can control the fill color, the opacity (alpha), the outline size and color, to change the overall apparence of the vector in this layer.

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