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01 juil. 2021
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DESCRIPTION Pixelyz is a pixel drawing tool, geared towards game artists, illustrator and animator, developed by Miuze. Pixelyz will simplified your pixel art with an easy interface to use and a quick grip to start with. With vector and digital painting, makes it a lot easier to use than any other pixel art software. FEATURES - Fast drawing and animation. - Focus on design and style. - Create more in less time. - One creation package for pixel art. - Many format export for game and social media. Pixelyz is the right fit for: - You want to avoid time consuming task from complicated other pixel art software. - You want to have non destructive workflow to speed up your art. HISTORY Pixelyz is developed by Miuze. Brand founded in 2021 in Paris, France. We grew up in the 16 bit era and Pixelyz is a toolset dedicated to create content with the retro aesthetic we love. Our goal is simple: creative freedom for pixel artists and game developers. A simplified and unified workflow to make pixel art fun and awesome. VIDEO LOGO
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