PIXELYZ For Animation

Animation made easy 

Pixel art and animation had never been so easy ! Use our freehand and polygon vectors to create your art. You can also use classical pixel drawing with our brush.



Simplify your workflow with our features. Work with the layer system to create your drawing and animate it using the timeline. 


Vector Drawing

Pixelyz uses scalable vector graphics to simplify the animating process.

It's  easy, just click and drag.


Frame by frame

Pixelyz uses frame by frame animation. You can animate your vectors, lines and your pixel drawing.


Auto-frame animation

Press the record button and each time you make a change a new keyframe is created. 

Pixelyz uses auto frame system to make animation effortless.

Onion skin

Pixelyz uses an onion skin system to display next and previous frames. Press the onion skin button on the timeline to activate.


Gradient and FX

 Use the gradient layer to create a quick backgrounds and effects.

You can edit the colour and the noise displacement. 

Create your character

In this video below we show the drawing of a girl with gray hair. 
We start with the vector tool to create the body and move onto the gradient layer to create the sky behind her. 

Animate your drawing

In the video below we take our drawing and quickly animate the hair.
Everything is done in about a minute. That's how easy it is to use Pixelyz.  

The animation toolset is simple, accessible and easy to learn.

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