Pixelyz for Game

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Create your game art character in Pixelyz 


Create all your sprites

Pixelyz is a drawing and animation tool made for pixel art and game creation. You can choose between pixel painting and vector painting. Switch between the two and express yourself.

From a rough sketch to a final piece, keep your workflow simple and consistent

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Vector Drawing

Pixelyz uses scalable vector graphics to simplify the creation of pixel art asset.
Just click and drag.
Easy to learn, easy master. 

Pixel painting

To complement the vector drawing, Pixelyz has a fully feature painting toolset. 
You can quickly sketch using the brush tool.


Create your ideal game character


Create and animate your game character from zero Inside Pixelyz.

Bring your game to the next level 


Create rich and detailed background with the non-destructive workflow. 

Animate your creation

Pixelyz allow you to animate vector, curves and painting layers seamlessly.

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Frame by frame

Pixelyz uses frame by frame animation. You can animate your vectors, lines and even paint layer.

Onion skin

Pixelyz uses an onion skin system to display previous and next frame. Press the onion skin button on the timeline to activate


Auto-frame animation 

Pixelyz uses auto frame system to speed the creation process. Press the record button and each time you make a change a new keyframe is created. 

Export to your favorite game engine

Pixelyz was built for game art creation. With just a few clicks render your sprites and animation into our different formats, import in your game engine and it's done!


Export your animation into multiple or a single png image.

Gif Format

you can export your animation into  a single gif animation if your game engine supports it.

Import image

you can import your drawing to start from a sketch and detour it.


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