Getting started

In this video we show how to create a quick character and animate it. In about five minutes you can learn most of what you can do in  PIXELYZ

How to start with Pixelyz

Learn about the interface inside Pixelyz and get a good start

How to create
a document

Click on new file button on the welcome page. You can also press the new file  button on top menu.

How to create
a layer

Hold Q on the keyboard, select and release Q to validate. You can create every type of layer from this menu.

How to open the action menu

Hold A on the keyboard, select and release A to validate. 

The action menu change based on the selected layer type.

How to save a document

Click on the save icon on the top menu or on the menu bar. Save incremental create a new numbered file

How to open the menu bar

The menu bar can access all the windows and tools. Hold the space bar on the keyboard to make it visible. 

How to open the properties menu

Double click on the layer in the layer panel or open the action menu and select properties to make it visible.

You only need four shortcuts

PIXELYZ. is really simple. Most menu and functions are accessible in less than two click. Simple to learn an intuitive.  


Action menu


Layer menu


Undo menu


Menu bar


In this video we show how to create a quick car and animate it. Its show everything you   can do in  PIXELYZ

If you need more informations here three sections to get you started