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Vector Layer

Vector layer is the most versatile layer in Pixelyz. You can create and modify vector as you like.


To create a vector layer open the menu bar by pressing space and click on the vector button.

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Vector button

You can create a vector layer when no layer is selected and you hold A to make the pie menu appear. Move up to select vector and release the A on your keyboard.

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How do you draw a vector ?

After you create a new vector layer or if you clear a vector you'll be prompt to the vector drawing state. 

Vector drawing has only two modes, Freehand and Polygon. You can swap between the two by pressing tab or using the drop down button on the left top corner

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Create vector with a natural workflow. Sketch a form and let the tool change it into a vector. Use the simplify and spacing slider to draw a shape in a more effective manner. Then redraw the sketch until you are satisfied.



Draw vector with a polygon tool.

Draw a rough shape and control your point count. Pick the right tool for the right workflow

Polygon vector.gif

How do you edit a vector?

The vector layer has two modes: edit mode and transform mode. 

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Edit mode

Edit mode can be accessed by double clicking left on the transform rectangle.

When on edit mode, the selected layer will show the vector's end points.


Edit mode allows you to change the vector's end points or the curve to edit your drawing.

Select, delete, drag, curve and points. Select multiple points in a natural workflow. Swap between layers with a single click.

Click and drag on the curve to edit it. No need to manage with control points. 

Control points can still be displayed by holding shift on the keyboard.


Select multiple points or curve then left click and drag to move the entire group.


Hold x and draw a free hand shape to cut a hole in the vector. 

Hole can be transformed and edited like a regular vector by double clicking on one of its curves.

Cut (1).gif
Screenshot 2021-08-14 at 03.11.08.png

Transform mode

Transform mode can be accessed by double clicking left on the vector, in edit mode.

In transform mode, the selected layer will show the vector's transform rectangle.

In Transform mode you can change the overall scale, rotation and position of all points in the vector layer. 

Click on the corner and drag to change size.

Click and drag on the rectangle to move the vector shape.

Click and drag on the widget to rotate the vector shape.



Hold control then left lick and drag to duplicate the vector in a new layer.

Duplicate Orange.gif

Duplicate cut

Drag cut vector while pressing ctrl to duplicate cut inside the same layer.

Keep consistency with your art.


Vector panel

The vector panel is a dedicated panel for editing and manipulating the apparence of the layer vector. 

You have two main colors.

The fill color and the outline color. 

The slider is for the size of the outline.

Screenshot 2021-08-14 at 03.08.12.png

How do you animate a vector

You can only do animation with animation layer. In order to animate a vector layer, you first need to convert it into a animation layer.

With the layer selected hold A and move the mouse on the right toward the animate, then release A.

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